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"Some of the best things in life happen by chance. That's exactly where the story begins."

- Mike Bauman, Toledo Free Press -

With a long history in the Toledo, Ohio music scene, Tropic Bombs brings an eclectic mix to the rock genre. With each member bringing their own blend of styles and influences to the table, the band incorporates elements of many different genres including punk, hip-hop, funk, reggae, 80's metal, hardcore, & more. There are truly no limits to the soundscape when it comes to Tropic Bombs' music.

Though each member has different influences and backgrounds, the members have been friends since their early school days, sharing the stage in one way or another for many years. Each of the members has toured the U.S. from coast to coast playing shows and has had the honor of entertaining crowds alongside a laundry list of artists such as Every Time I Die, Fall Out Boy, He Is Legend, The Used, Head Automatica, Hopesfall, Silverchair, Nonpoint, and more. Read on to find out a bit more about each individual.



Crum - Guitar


Alan - Bass


Lion - Vocals/Drums


Jon - Guitar

Tropic Bombs has included several past members, each of whom was instrumental in the progression of this band:

Jason Goss (Drums): 2011 - 2012

Ben Snyder (Guitar): 2010-2015

Nick Archer (Bass): 2010-2016

Zack Jacobs (Bass): 2017-2018

Steve Dwyer (Drums): 2010, 2013-2018

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