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The newest single, "Reignite" is the band's testament to their relentless pursuit of creation. Through the loss of several band members, the loss of the studio and practice space, and having to rebuild a new studio from scratch, the band speaks on the desire to keep pushing forward even when it feels like trudging uphill through the mud.

In 2018, in the midst of facing these and other challenges, Lion and Crum decided to fulfill (a micro version of) a childhood dream. They decided to head down south to a cabin in the middle of the woods of Wilmington, North Carolina, where they would hopefully feel inspired to write with an energy that had seemed to escape them recently.


While in NC, the pair linked up with their friend and one of their long-time musical inspirations, the late Mckenzie Bell, formerly of He Is Legend. In jamming and hanging out with Mckenzie, sharing ideas and stories about production, creation, and the love of sharing music, this song was born. Initially meant to include Bell as a guest on guitar, the music video was shot in NC the following year while staying with Mckenzie.

Tragically, Mckenzie passed away at 35 years old just two months before the release. This song and video are dedicated to him.


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