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"Nuclear Honeymoon" Limited Edition 10-Year Anniversary Vinyl

"Nuclear Honeymoon" Limited Edition 10-Year Anniversary Vinyl

SKU: TB-NH102022
$35.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price

Release Date: August 19, 2022

  • Album Details

    Tropic Bombs' debut album Nuclear Honeymoon (2012) introduced to the world the band's eclectic mix of rock, reggae, funk, hip-hop, metal, and other influences. Packaged in CD artwork that was as wild as the ride the album takes listeners on, the album provided a fresh burst of life to fans of the members' previous projects.


    Fast forward ten whole years to present day and you will find the band continuing to write music that they love, no matter what sound. To commemorate the album that started it all, as well as celebrate the last decade's journey, the band has decided to re-release the album in a very special, very limited 12" vinyl pressing.


    Each vinyl will be a unique blend of random colors, so no two will be exactly alike. Within the jacket, you will find a trip down memory lane that is sure to bring back good feelings of the community surrounding Tropic Bombs (some pictures may have even been taken by YOU...or you may even see yourself IN a photo!), as well as background info on each song.


    Every vinyl will be hand numbered to show the limited pressing, and each will include a free digital download card to retrieve the highest quality WAV (much higher quality than MP3s found on streaming sites or normal downloads) files for all the songs, plus a whopping 13 bonus tracks chronicling some of the band's songs over the years that were never released in a physical sense until now.


    Track Listing:

    1. Bomber Bay

    2. The Journey

    3. Light the Way

    4. Block the Sun

    5. I'll See Your Ass at High Noon

    6. Chrysanthemums

    7. Ghosts of Time

    8. The Art of Cloud-Cutting

    9. Samson

    10. The Assassins of Abboneau

    (Additional Digital Tracks):

    11. Ghosts of Time (Original, 2009)

    12. Even If I Were (Single, 2009)

    13. Block the Sun Nintendo 8-Bit Edition (2013)

    14. The Alchemist's Gaze (Single, 2016)

    15. POTEPS (Single, 2017)

    16. Into the Sand (Demo, 2018)

    17. High Noon (Rap-Rock Version)

    18. Light the Way (Metal Version)

    19. The Art of Cloud-Cutting (Mellow Version)

    20. Assassins (Acoustic Improv Jam)

    21. Untitled Improv Jam

    22. The Alchemist's Gaze (Dreamy Version)

    23. Chrysanthemums (R&B Version)

    24. Chrysanthemums (Southern Metal Version)

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