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Last Chance: Kickstarter Ends Tonight!

Hey Y'all Bombs,

Our Kickstarter campaign to help us fund and create our new album and Tropic Bombs BOARD GAME (yes, you heard that right) ends TONIGHT at 8:00 PM EST.

This is your last chance to be a part of the creation of this album and in-return, receive not only the satisfaction of knowing you helped make this album, but a slew of awesome rewards, as well!

Below is a snapshot of all the different available rewards for different pledge levels. Remember, you not only receive the reward for the amount you give, but also ALL the other rewards for any lower amounts!

In addition to the above listed rewards, anyone who secures their album through the means of our Kickstarter (pledge $50 or more) will receive a Kickstarter-only exclusive...


Last, but not least, you can feel great knowing that every single dollar pledged directly helps enhance the game for you and for others!

Backers have already helped upgrade the game card size, card material quality, and get pictures on the cards...

And we are VERY close to being able to make the cards holographic (see the picture below)!

Regardless of whether we meet that goal or not, we promise this new album and board game to be something you will want as a keepsake if you are a music or game lover, and especially if you love supporting local!

Thank you for all your support and we will keep you updated as to how the production is coming along!

Much Love,

Tropic Bombs

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