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We Need You!

Hey Y'all Bombs,

After the initial rush, our Kickstarter is 48% funded! Thank you all who have made pledges and shared the projects with your friends - the more eyes we can get on this thing, the better chance we have of reaching our goal!

Since Kickstarter requires 100% of the funding goal to be met in order for creators to receive any money at all, we need your help to reach our goal!

How can you help?

First, if you plan to buy the album/game, we would encourage you to reserve your copy by pledging to the campaign. Not only does this get you a copy, but also helps us reach our goal, AND it gets you other rewards that will not be available if purchased afterwards.

Plus, even if you pledge now, you will not see any charges until March 1st, and only if we reach our funding goal (so it's completely safe).

However, if you do not plan on purchasing the album/game and/or cannot afford the price, even a smaller pledge (there are rewards starting at $1) is helpful and builds excitement around the campaign! We are appreciative to anyone that gives ANY amount!

Lastly, even if you do not pledge, simply sharing our posts and/or telling your friends about the project is the most helpful thing you can do for us. We just really want people to know about this crazy idea and help us make it a reality (almost halfway there)!

Please spread the good word and help us share this amongst all your friends!

Thank you for listening to our music, caring enough to read these posts, and just making our world of music one worth living!


Tropic Bombs

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