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This is a unique concept album. During the height of quarantine during the pandemic, the band was looking for ways to continue creating and interacting with fans. They teamed up with a small studio in Brooklyn, NY (Leesta Vall Sound Recordings) to have them cut one-of-a-kind vinyls that the band created uniquely for each person who ordered a song of their choosing. Each song was done by only 1-2 members in a very raw process (as these were meant to be at-home-style recordings during quarantine) here at Tropic Bombs' new studio (Sand and Stone Studios). Each track was then hand-cut on a 1950's lathe in Brooklyn, NY.

This album was created (with permission from the recipient of each song) from some of the band's favorites of the ~ 30 that were made. The band had a lot of fun trying out different sounds and styles that they would generally never do.


For more information or behind-the-scenes video content regarding the creation of these songs, join The Bomb Squad.

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